Lamborghini Selfie Presentation

Toegevoegd door: Joffrey op 24-10-2014 -

PROWRAP of Eindhoven, Netherlands finished up this crazy Oil Slick Lamborghini Gallardo for The Challenge 2014 Carbon Edition. The car was wrapped to drive all the way from the Netherlands to Marokka; over 3000km in 7 days! In The Challenge Carbon Edition, all cars much have a different team, and the SelfieCar theme was done for maraCASH. When the cars finish the challenge in Marokka, they take a plane back to their home country, and transport the cars back to the Netherlands. Even though 95% of the vehicles will be unwrapped after the event, we are happy to announce that PROWRAP’s client is so happy, he will be prowling the Netherlands for a lot longer than expected. The detail and time into wrapping a car in Oil Slick is outstanding. Since there is no wrap materials like this currently available, attention to detail was needed by PROWRAP to ensure that everything lay perfect, and knifeless graphics used in a way to keep the installation top notch. I think the coolest part about the #selfiecar was asking people to take a selfie with it, and post online. To see more of PROWRAP’s crazy work, visit them on Facebook.

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